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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

Introduction to Computers

Last week we looked at the following:

Display Settings
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Screen Savers
Setting the Home Page

Adding and Managing Favorites

Changing text sizes

Links we visited:

After reviewing the above skills and items, we'll look at how and where files are stored, how to find them and how to save them.

Before you leave tonight, click on comments and let me know what things you'd still like to learn and also tell me what your interests are and I'll find some great websites for you interests....See you all next week.

Day 3

Let's review:

  • File management and storage
  • Search engines and searching techniques
  • Google
  • Clusty
Some topics we may cover:



Hotels and Travel




Creating and Managing User Accounts in Windows XP

I would like to learn how to format a letter. llamas spinning, dying fleece.

I would like to create a monthly calendar for work purposes, also to split a box on the calendar. Also have trouble sending an e-mail from one computer at my workplace to another.

to make up cards. also to find faimly history

cooking re kraft kitchen just here to get comfortable around a computer

How to get into the game of cribage on Yahoo. How to get into the computer and check out Hotel prices and how to book a hotel from the computer. I would like to know how to cut and paste.

taking care of my computer such defragmitizing etc.
making a card centering etc.
cut and paste copy etc.

copying digital photos into the computerand copying picturs off of the computer.

Geneology. e-mail, sorting alphabetically

Sites to give a format to do family history.

To use word and set up a calendar that with alert you to birthdays and anniversaries.

To put things in alphabetical order

I kneed to know how to get on the internet using a user name and how to get onto web sites i want to set up a separate acct.

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